Valentine Maritime (VM) is a privately owned offshore construction company established in 1990 to serve the offshore oil & gas industry in the Arabian Gulf region and the Indian subcontinent. The Company primarily specialize in EPC offshore construction of wellhead platforms, topsides, submarine pipelines, maintenance and hook-up services. With the new yard that VM expects to launch in first quarter 2014, the Company will substantially enhance its capacity to fabricate offshore jackets, topsides and modules for the oil & gas sector.

Additionally, Valentine Maritime provides chartering services (marine vessels and construction/cargo barges).

In June 1992, VM started its activities and acquired its first major marine asset, the Derrick Lay Barge Regina-250. In less than two decades the Company has substantially accelerated its efforts to grow by increasing its assets from owning one barge in 1992 to owning thirteen construction vessels in 2012.

The pace of geographical expansion grew simultaneously, thus allowing VM to undertake projects in the wider region (East and West coast of India, east coast of Africa, Yemen, Red Sea, Black Sea and the Mediteranean).

Most importantly, despite fierce competition VM has emerged as a distinguished EPC offshore contractor in the Arabian Gulf. In the last five years VM has successfully executed EPC projects in excess of $1 billion for high-profile clients such as Saudi ARAMCO and ONGC in India.

One of the key factors Valentine’s success story is rooted in company’s dedication in the implementation of health, safety and environmental (HSE) policies. The company’s professional team puts maximum efforts in ensuring that the highest level of HSE standards are adhered to by all staff at all times.