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The offshore activities and work environment in oil/gas field that VMGL conducts its operations is inherently high risk and needs to be specifically addressed.  Accordingly, the ‘incident -free workplace’ goal set forth in the VMGL HSE policy statement is aimed to be met through the meticulous implementation of HSE Management system by following the best industry safety practices and instilling positive safety culture throughout the organization.In its endeavor for continual improvement towards organizational HSE goals, VMGL has designed and implemented its HSE Management systems at par with international standards such as OHSAS 18001:2007,ISO 14001:2015,ISM,OSHAD. 

Principles / Approach HSE Assurance

  • Identify project specifics and risk areas
  • Develop programs and specific plans (Project HSE Plan,H2S)
  • Set targets and KPIs across all levels of project staff
  • Develop plans, monitor, report and improve
  • Visible HSE leadership
  • Ensure execution plans embodying safety
  • Ensure method statements and JSA cover requirements to execute safely
  • Accountability and responsibility for safety well defined
  • Constructability reviews include safety aspects

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Other highlights of our HSE systems are as follows,


√  VMGL HSEMS certified for ISO9001/14001/ OHSAS18001/ISM by M/s Bureau Veritas.

√  Zero tolerance policy towards unsafe act/condition under ‘STOP’ work program where anyone has authority to stop work if it’s unsafe to do.

√  In 2011, VM was awarded International Safety Award by the British Safety Council.

√  In 2014, VM was awarded Vendor Recognition Award by ADGAS.

√  In 2016, VM successfully completed 5 million man hours without LTI for SARB Pkg 3.

√  VMGL surpasses not only its past HSE performance but also against industry benchmarks such as IPLOCA and OGP.

VM Occupational Health & Safety PolicyClick here to view our Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

VM Environmental Policy

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As a certified company, our Quality Policy commitments ensure that VM provides its services to all VM clients as per clients’ requirements, meeting all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements while continuing to improve the effectiveness of VM quality management system.

VM quality objectives are to achieve measurable results at relevant functions and levels.

Our Quality commitments are:

  • To our Clients
    1. To meet and exceed clients’ requirements.
  • To our Employees
    1. To keep our employees involvement with regard to VM Quality Policy.
    2. To improve competences of our employees through development of their skills and encourage exchange of knowledge.
    3. To keep a team spirit within the organisation.
  • To our Organisation
    1. To maintain the standard for Quality Management System (QMS).
    2. To set and achieve quality objectives and commitments,  and to measure and review the results in order to ensure the adequate functionality of our quality objectives.
    3. To review the QMS for continual improvement.