Corporate Social Responsibility

At VM, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our operations. Our CSR revolves around Society, People and Environment.

Society VM takes precautionary measures to ensure that its actions are respectful towards communities in which we operate. Our operational policies are geared towards respecting and supporting tradition and culture of indigenous and local population.We strongly believe in empowering a society by offering quality education to members of a society. VM president and VM senior staff support education by funding various educational programmes thus helping talented young people to acquire degrees and kick-start their careers.
People  VM respects the dignity of all people, irrelevant to their culture, race or ethnic background. Our employees are incentivised to work for VM and are awarded accordingly.VM incentive schemes have proven to be the right tool to encourage teamwork and enhance the overall performance of the company.

All our employees are provided with maximum safety at work. VM has been awarded OHSAS 18001:2007 and we stand firm on the implementation of OHSAS standards.

VM is aware of the fact that, if not managed adequately, upstream oil & gas sector operations can have a substantial effect on the environment.There is zero tolerance towards any breaches of our strict Environmental Policy which is in compliance with local and international regulatory standards. If VM operates in a country where environmental standards fall short of its objective, we act by adhering to and implementing our Environmental Policy procedures.  When it comes to the protection of the environment, we are always in a race to the top.